Experiences and Anecdotes


Zimbabwe to India: My Personality Growth. My Experience

Note: Tinotenda (Tino) is an international student from Zimbabwe. He is currently doing his second year in the EEE department. After joining Rotaract NITK this year, he had some interesting insights to share with us about his experience as an international student. The following is…


An Ode To NITK

What do you miss? Is it the pure bliss of living in a place Where the sound and view of waves Splashing to the shore is just a walk away? Is it the sense of belongingness to this place And the sense of pride in…


Rotalks E01: Pride

Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts. Barbara Gittings (LGBTQIA+ Activist) The extension of our support to the LGBTQIA+ community , our willingness to learn about the community and…


Self against Self, an enchained victim’s plight

A question so powerful, a verdict unpronounced, yet I sentence myself to misery, my existence renounce. Self vs. self is a compelling conflict reflecting the reality of human experiences. We present to you a complex character who is not always at one with herself, struggling…



Overture – A Virtual Music Festival

The month of August usually brings with it, Overture, the first MC Night of the year. The SJA, packed with eager first years, dear friends, the crowd dancing to the tunes of Bollywood or headbanging to heavy metal. How we’d love to bring back those…


Aradhana – A Blissful Celebration

The Indian culture is described as ‘Sa Prathama Samskrti Vishvavara‘ – the first and the supreme culture in the world. It is honoured as a divine culture. Today, when the country is undergoing rapid transformations on the cultural front and facing cultural diversion and adulteration…


UDAAN 2020: NITK Beach Festival

We watched as the sky changed colours. From a baby blue to lavender to a light shade of golden yellow.  Standing under this cotton-candy sky, we couldn’t have asked for a better Udaan. Udaan is NITK’s very own annual beach Festival planned, designed and conducted…


Mesmerising Artwork by the Artists Forum

Heres a glimpse of how the members of the Artists Forum use their creativity for creating mesmerizingly wonderful artworks.

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